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  • 5 simultaneous logins
  • 80,000 IPs from 121 Countries
  • Dedicated IP, Dedicated Streaming, Stealth Browser
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VPN Countries: 141
Money Back Guarantee: 7 days

Top Packages and Offers

6 Months
$9.00 per month

  • Access the VPN on 5 Devices Simultaneously
  • ‘Internet Kill Switch’ Feature Prevents Unprotected Surfing
  • Feature to Allow Faster Streaming for Trusted Traffic
2 Years
$2.95 per month

  • Access the VPN on 5 Devices Simultaneously
  • ‘Internet Kill Switch’ Feature Prevents Unprotected Surfing
  • Feature to Allow Faster Streaming for Trusted Traffic
1 Month
$11.00 per month

  • Access the VPN on 5 Devices Simultaneously
  • ‘Internet Kill Switch’ Feature Prevents Unprotected Surfing
  • Feature to Allow Faster Streaming for Trusted Traffic

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What We Like

Access the VPN on 5 Devices Simultaneously

‘Internet Kill Switch’ Feature Prevents Unprotected Surfing

Feature to Allow Faster Streaming for Trusted Traffic


What We Like Less

Only 7 Days Money Back Guarantee



Expert Overview

PureVPN is one of the pioneer personal VPN services introducing company with more than 450 servers all over the world ensuring security, privacy and anonymity of users. With lots of innovative VPN products and services in the market, PureVPN is now being rated among world’s top personal VPN services providers. PureVPN offers an easy to use self-managed VPN service that allows its users to enjoy online freedom and privacy while enjoying their favorite TV channels, Videos, music and everything else. No matter how strict restrictions you are confronting by your local authorities, VPN can break all barriers by enabling you to access your desired content at upto 20 MBPS speed which is found nowhere else in the world.




PureVPN is not just another VPN service rather it delivers more than you wonder. PureVPN comes with easy to use apps for PC, MAC, Android, IOS and all other operating systems so that using VPN may become an easiest task for you. With easy to handle dash board of their VPN app, you can switch locations, change servers, hide your identity and contact customer support by tapping on one single button. PureVPN allows its users to enjoy unlimited online freedom. You can surf anything online and share unlimited data across local or international private networks without any restrictions. PureVPN also enables its users to enjoy unlimited downloading of content from internet which means a complete freedom to download and upload while keeping your security and privacy intact. PureVPN can be used simultaneously at 5 different devices with same login information which means each of your device is protected, safe and ready for anonymous web surfing.




The pricing list of PureVPN is pretty straightforward and they offer 3 different packages (in rates not in features). Their prices start from $2.95/month which is quite low compared to other VPN service providers. They also offer a 6 months plan at $9.00/month and a one month plan at $11.00/month. One thing is very confusing that all three packages are offering same features and the only difference is rate of each package. On the other hand customers seem to be quite happy with the rates and services offered by PureVPN.




The security of PureVPN seems quite excellent as they route your data through various different safe tunnels and make sure that no one can hijack your personal information or data at any cost. Customer reviews about the security being provided by PureVPN are also satisfying which means PureVPN is offering value for money. No complaints have been reported by customers regarding its security and privacy feature.




The speed of its servers is pretty impressive as claimed by the company itself (around 20MBPS). Although some servers offer pretty low speed while downloading data but PureVPN’s app has a feature which allows its users to connect with the fastest server available. Overall customers are quite happy with the speed of its servers and only a few have complained about speed issues while downloading and transferring data at different servers.



Server Information

PureVPN hosts one of the world’s largest server network with more than 500 servers working simultaneously to ensure the quality of services. All servers are managed professionally by PureVPN experts to make sure that users are enjoying super fast access to internet without disclosing their identity. You might be wondering that such a big network of servers must be delivering slow service because it is quite hard to manage a huge server network of 500+ servers but this is not the case with PureVPN. They offer upto 20MBPS speed for each server with facility to choose the fastest available server.

You can find servers of PureVPN in following locations:

USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Phoenix, New York, Washington, Florida, Miami, Georgia, Atlanta, )

UK (Maidenhead, London, Leicester, UK (Via USA), UK (Via S.Africa), UK (Via Brazil)

Australia (Brisbane, Sydney (Via USA))

Brazil (SAO PAULO)

Bulgaria (Sofia)

Canada (Qubec, Vancouver)

Chile (Santiago)

China (Chongqing (Via USA), Guangdong)

Costa Rica (San Jose)

Egypt (Cairo, Egypt (Via USA))

France (Paris, France (Via Europe))

Germany (Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt))

Hong Kong (Fanling)

Hungary (Budapest)

Indonesia (Jakarta)

Ireland (Dublin, Dublin (Via USA))

Italy (Milano)

Japan (Tokyo)

Latvia (RIGA)

Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Malaysia (Kuala Lampur)

Netherlands (Amstredam)

New Zealand (Auckland)

Panama (Panama City)

Romania (Bucharest)

Russia (Moscow, Moscow)


South Africa (Benoni)

South Korea (Seoul)

Sweden (Stockholm, Sweden (Via USA))

Switzerland (Zurich)

Taiwan (Taipei)

Thailand (Bangkok)

Turkey (Istanbul, Turkey (Via USA))

Ukraine (kiev)

Czech Republic (Brno)

Poland (Gdansk)

Argentina (Buenos Aires)

Belgium (Brussels)

Denmark (Denmark, Copenhagen (Via Europe))


Norway (Oslo)

Philippines (Buting)

Vietnam (HANOI)


Albania (TIRANA)

Austria (VIENNA)

Finland (ESPOO)

Lebanon (Tripoli)

Lithuania (Vilnius)

Moldova (Chisinau)

Oman (Salalah)

Qatar (Doha)

Saudi Arabia (Jeddah)

Slovakia (Bratislava)

Spain (Madrid)

Syria (Aleppo)

UAE (Dubai)

Estonia (Tallinn)


Jordan (Amman)

Bosnia (Sarajevo)

Serbia (Belgrade)

Liechtenstein (Vaduz)


Slovenia (Ljubljana)

Montenegro (Podgorica)

Malta (Sliema)

Croatia (Zagreb)

Georgia (Tbilisi)

Brunei (Bandar Seri Begawan)

Greece (Thessaloniki)

India (New Delhi (Via Europe))

Bahrain (Al Asimah)

Ghana (Kumasi)

Nigeria (Suleja)

Peru (Lima)

Colombia (Barranquilla)


Venezuela (Caracas)

Belize (San Ignacio)


Yemen (Aden)


Kenya (Mombasa)

Isle of Man (Onchan)





This VPN company is going great as we see in customers reviews. By signing up with PureVPN, we are sure that you will get security, privacy, speeds and everything else you may look forward to from a VPN service provider. Customers’ reviews are also satisfying about its security and anonymous surfing feature which means users can trust this service. The rates of this VPN provider are also matching with other companies in the market but they offer only 3 days money back guarantee. But if the service is good then no one will have to claim their money back even in 3 days.




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